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Join Howdy Tio for his Spiral Flow experience. This kind of training is for anyone who is into movement, bodywork, yoga or awareness/consciousness. Especially constructed for everyone to start with without any experience or kind of training. How to express, feel, experience the concept of opening the body (awareness) through exercises based on Internal martial arts principles.

Spiralflow is an approach to full body awareness through dynamic exercises. To move with structure for stability and with free moving with the whole body for connection. In moving out of forms and into free Natural movement, body and mind can slide into balance and oneness.

Based on spiral power concepts from Wudang Principles school which will give you condition, balance, grounding, cardiovascular conditioning and flow. It will open up your body and mind. The movements are mostly based on dragon, crane or snake animals.

Afterwards Qigong(standing meditation) to get back to Yin mode after Yang expression to balance body and mind.

A unique 3 hour training to develop and experience body awareness:
– Warming up
– Exercises from Wudang Internal martial arts gradually building up tempo and complexity.
– Qigong to cool down and let body and mind balance back again and move to stillness in yourself.

Investment: 30 Euros

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