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We are weaving a circle of women. A circle where we use Ayurvedic wisdom and that of Chakra dance to claim our responsibility for our own physical, mental and emotional well-being. This gathering is one of a series and it focuses on our roots – Muladhara.

This is an invitation for you to pause for a day and join us on our journey. We will gently guide you towards a safe place within. It is the place of self-reflection, free of judgement but filled with inspiration, dance and nurturing. Our journey starts at the first Chakra – Muladhara (in Sanskrit: supportive root) which is represented by the element of earth, (awareness of the) physical body, presence and a sense of grounding.


PART I: introduction to simple, practical Ayurvedic tools of self-care such as daily routine, Yoga & Pranayama – all focused on rooting energy
PART II: the experiential practice of Chakra dance & Mandala drawing
PART III: sharing a warm&nourishing Ayurvedic dinner together
Our intention is to hold space for you – dear woman -the space you need to explore yourself and the art of self-care. So that you feel open to cultivate new ways of bringing grounding and stability into your life – new ways of navigating life in moments of stress, worries and of ’too much too fast”.

Price: Early bird 75 (up until the 31st of March) – Regular 85
Sign up: #areyouveda

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